Rio Novo Venice | Best Seafood Restaurant in Venice

The best fish restaurant in Venice, with an amazing view. Every day we prepare Fresh fish and fresh pizza and this is how we are know by the Locals. We are passionate about seafood of the Venice laguna. Book below your next wonderful eating experience.

Rio Novo has an international connotation, customers are 60% foreigners, most of them sent by other travelers in the past have had the pleasure of eating in the restaurant, a kind of word of mouth that involves every part of the world. This goes to show the quality of food, service and really great local place. Recently renovated with minimalist furniture and elegantly understated, it has a welcoming dining room of about 45 seats offering a mixed between relaxation and comfort of hospitality very familiar and discreet. While in the months of summer we add another 40 places around pools, which offer a truly surreal scene of the most authentic Venice. The tables covered from classic umbrellas are placed along the sidewalk of the Rio Novo canal, for a lunch or a dinner that has no equal, lovely scenery to savor the line “life style” Venetian, between boats that ply the canal and bridges in both directions, a very unique framework that provides a truly magical moment!

A tribute to the many foreign tourists and Italians

Most of the customers are tourists, mostly foreigners, to which the restaurant offers a very nice gift for all, how many stops for lunch or dinner, a miniature bottle of the most prestigious brands of national and international spirits, faithful scale models the legendary Montenegro, Café Sport Borghetti, Vecchia Romagna Black Label etc. to name a few, authentic works from the collection for all guests! Rio Novo has a magnetic power to customers, once tasted the dishes, it will be impossible to resist the attraction to return to savor other, all in all a good ride!

Restaurant Rio Novo: atmosphere and delight of the palate along the canal

As is often said, “we also eat with our eyes”, very appropriate phrase to define the locations of the Rio Novo Restaurant. This small temple of Venetian culinary exaltation is located in a strategic position, a few meters from Piazzale Roma, the bus stop and about 2 minutes from the Venice railway station by taking on the right the Constitution Bridge and follow along the Rio Novo canal just 100 meters you arrive at the restaurant! Then reached on foot in a few minutes from the points of departure and arrival to Venice, both for the welcome and for the salute to the city can only be a good start and the end of the lagoon holidays! From the restaurant in about 10 minutes between one channel and the other comes in the great Piazza San Marco, through an amazing variety of small canals and big heart of Venice button.


Santa Croce, 278, 30135 Venezia, Italy